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:SePosted Date: September 11, 2020

ptember 11, 2020🎄Pre-Christmas 24HRS Sale! 🎄

20% off your total order!
Use code: PCS20
Starts 12am September 15th

It's a Monday night, the kids are already on sleep mode, Mommy is somehow still sane...

So, here's 20% off via our website!

Valid on all jewelries except custom orders. (excluding test pieces and workshops). Limited availability only. Once its SOLD OUT, its SOLD OUT.

Just enter the code "PCS20" at checkout!

This is only valid 24hrs!

I can't wait to create your unique and special jewelries 

Posted Date: September 11, 2020


Make sure you read all the way down!

Not everyone understands this type of jewelry. We know this art falls outside of the common or mainstream.

But you get it. You know. Because you are connected to the meaning behind these pieces. Actually, you GIVE the meaning behind these pieces. It’s the first cry in the labor room. It’s finally seeing that infant weight scale go up. It’s fighting with tubes and shields and bottles and countless sleep deprived nights. It’s giggles and first haircuts of precious locks soft to the touch. It’s wedding bells and honeymoons. It’s mourning and loss and getting that phone call far too soon.

We aren’t just jewelry makers. We’re visual storytellers. And it’s your story we get to hold and create and tell. This is yours. You fought for this.

❤️Please Read VERY VERY important❤️🎄🎄Christmas Deadline🎄🎄

We have decided to release the Christmas deadline info Early so you all can prepare for it now!

Christmas orders will be done differently this year.

We understand this new method may be an inconvenience for some of our customers but unfortunately this is the ONLY way we can offer Christmas orders on time this year.

❤️I have put a lot of thought into this process❤️

If you are planning on ordering during the mid-Sept promo (watch out!! Post comig soon) and are needing your order to be 100% on time for Christmas delivery, you will need to reserve what we call a “rush spot”.

🎄We will have 50 spots available, spots are Php1,000 (this is a separate fee and does not go towards your order total). This reserves your order to be bumped to the top of the list to be finished for guaranteed delivery for Christmas. Your order can contain multiple items (fee is for entire order not per item)🎄

🎄When the spots are filled up we will close the deadline. You may still of course order but only these 50 spots will have guaranteed Christmas delivery, orders who do not pay the reservation fee won’t be guaranteed for on time delivery. They will have a normal turn around time and may or may not arrive before the holidays.🎄

🎄🎄You will need to message purchase the spot on this link: 


Payment will need to be made for just the reservation spot upon requesting the reservation. (Spots are non refundable so please be sure you intend to place an order)🎄🎄*after reserving a spot you have until Sept 30th to order and send inclusion in to me. SPOTS WILL FILL UP FAST!!

The month of September is a GREAT time to order with all the freebies that will be released soon, it’s a great value for your money.

💐orders placed during event qualify for freebies even if you don’t reserve a Christmas spot 🙂


Now.... if you do not wish to reserve a spot and don’t care about getting in on the freebies you can earn, but want your order for Christmas. You will need to order and have inclusions in my hands before October 15th.

So choices choices 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

Order now and have your order before Christmas,or.... pay reservation fee, have your order done before Christmas and receive free items....

Thank you all for your understanding with all this info but this is going make things go so much smoother for me!

Any questions do not hesitate to ask!


We are making the deadline for Christmas delivery guarantee October 15th.

What does this mean?

Your breastmilk and DNA inclusions that you mail to us MUST be delivered to our workshop in Marikina and checked in to the studio by October 15th for us to guarantee your order will be completed and shipped back out in time for Christmas.

This is 10 weeks before Christmas. Our usual turnaround time is approximately 8-10 weeks and sometimes reach to 10weeks. We want to give some extra cushion for the usual influx of orders we see this time of year. Yes its a problem we'd love to keep. 😍

As much as we want to accept all orders for Christmas, we want to have to set a date as a guarantee cutoff and this year that date is October 15th!

So hurry and tag your partners and friends so they don’t miss this important update!


Our Christmas policy for your shipments has always been that we cannot offer the same hard and fast guarantee of Christmas delivery to you as we can our local customers. The reason being that every country operates differently in delivery time and customs processing. We would hate to have your order held up in customs, which is out of our control, when we promised a Christmas delivery. Our best recommendation for our International customers is - the sooner the better. Please get your packages to us as quickly as you can so we can send them out as quickly as we can!


Just in time for Christmas 🎄, we now offer INSTALLMENT 🙌🏻, this will make your Christmas purchase so much more achievable with 1, 2 ,and 3 month plans available with your choice of a 20, 30, 40, or 50% down payment.

Some helpful info for the update: All the listings you see visible on the site, we create. 💍 If it's available to be added to you cart, we have creation spaces left for that design. If it's sold out, all spaces have been reserved till the next update.

If you don't see the design listed on the website AT ALL - it means mommy IMELDA is not making that piece right now as she streamlines her work during pregnancy.  We did hire studio assistants to speed up our loooong waiting list, but your patience is still appreciated. 🎉🎉

All listings contain helpful info like what inclusions can and cannot be used in each design, what metals the style comes in, etc. Reading and following the full listing will make your experience with Tender Foot Jewels much more smooth sailing. Our DETAILS page over our website is also full of lots of helpful info to prepare you for your experience with us. 💁🏼

If you have any remaining questions, Mimi is your gal! Just email us! We're so excited to see you!

Yay! We are standing by our mission to create tangible memories into lovable jewelries.

Announcement for our Pre-Christmas Flash SALE coming soon. Mark on your calendar as it will only happen 24hrs on September 15th.