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How To Check YourOrder Status:


To have the ability tocheck your order status, you must create an account on my website when orderingyour breastmilk jewelry. When the status of your order has changed, you willreceive an e-mail notification. Please be sure that your spam filter is set toallow all e-mails from Tender Foot Jewels


If you have notcreated an account, you will not receive any e-mail updates at all, includingthe shipment of your jewelry to you and your tracking number. 


I am unable to givestatus updates individually, including letting you know when I've gotten yourbreastmilk. Please check your tracking number if you are unsure as to whetheror not I've gotten your breast milk.


If you would like toreceive status updates but did not create an account at checkout, you maycreate an account after you've ordered by clicking "Create AnAccount" at the top of this page and following the steps. Once you havedone this, e-mail me at with the subject line"ACCOUNT/ORDER LINK" and I will link your previous order to yournewly created account when I have some time to do so.


Directions on checkingorder status from a computer: To view your order status update without havingto check your e-mail, login to your account on my website by going to"Sign In" at the top right of the homepage. Enter your e-mail addressyou used to place your order and the password you set. Once you are inside youraccount, click "View Order Status" on the left hand side.


Directions on checkingorder status from a mobile phone: From a mobile phone, click the button withthree lines at the top of the left-hand side of the screen. Scroll until yousee "My Account" and click "My Account." Enter your e-mailaddress that you used to pay for your order and the password you set for youraccount. Once inside your account, click "View Order Status."


Below is a breakdownof what each of the status update notifications mean:


DNA Material Received:Your DNA materials have been received and processed. The best way to tell ifyour breastmilk shipment has been received is to check the tracking numberassociated with your package given to you by your courier. I receive severalpackages per day and enter them into my system one day a week to save myselftime. If your order status still says "Awaiting Fulfillment" but yourtracking information says that it has been delivered and that your breast milkhas been preserved for use later, rest assured that I do have your package, butI have not had time to enter it into my system but will do so in the next fewdays or so.


DNAPreservation: After I have received your inclusions, I will beprocessing your DNA for preservation. I only allot one day a week to save myselfsome time and extra trips to the studio.  


DNA Drying: I subjectall preserved inclusions to at least 7days drying time (depending on humiditylevel of the environment, this may be increased.) I need to make sure no moistis present on the DNA to avoid preservation failure. I do test your DNA to makesure this is achieved. For breastmilk, this will then be powderized prior tostone creation.


DNA Stone Creation:This is the process where your DNA will be hardened and turned into stone. Alldesigns will be incorporated on this stage like placement of halogram flakes,fengshui stones and customization instructions you have set. Please make sureyou have all instructions on your order login sent for us to reflect it on thedesign. 


Metals Reserved forSmithing: This is automatically done once a down payment has been sent. Even ifyou have not sent your DNA inclusions to our workshop, your materials will bereserved for you.


Jewelry Smithing: Thisis the phase where I do silver or gold smithing as your order. I do not havestock findings to keep the investment low and avoid theft. All will beprocessed within 1-2weeks depending on the number of orders ahead of yours.


DNA Stone Setting: TheDNA stones will be permanently fixed to the jewelry findings. 


Jewelry Finishing:This is the phase where the completed jewelry will be tested for flaws andpolished to brightness. 


Jewelry Product Shoot:It has always been important to me to give an extra service to my clients bygiving also product photos of their order not only for sharing to their familyand friends. I do not guarantee every order will be given a chance for this buttries my best to do this.


Jewelry Ready ForRelease: Your jewelry is completed and will be shipped within the next 1-2weeks depending on the number of orders ahead of yours.


Shipped: Your jewelryhas been shipped! I hope you love your keepsake.  I am honored you havechosen me! Please note: Your package can be marked as "shipped" for1-4 days after your label has been created and before your package has actuallyshipped out. To save myself time and extra trips to the post office, I shipmany orders all at once, so I may create a label ahead of the time I intend toship out. Your package will be shipped to the address you provided in yourorder online. This is not included on the table below, hence you will receivethe notice once it has been done.


To view/download status table, click this link:


I am a wife and amompreneur and do take time out to be sure my family is cared for properly. Ihave recently had quite a large influx of orders as my jewelry has becomeincreasingly popular. I do my very best to give you as accurate an estimate aspossible on the time it will take to complete orders placed. I sincerely thankyou for your patience and understanding!