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It’s no surprise that most moms are the most sentimental of all people. Like all of us in the team, we are crazy about preserving our loved ones milestones. Years have gone by that we keep our child’s most treasured sentimental belongings kept on shoe boxes, wallets, books and any other places we could think of. As we dive deeper into our sentimentalities, we don’t want to end up losing any of it. Instead, we can create something cherished out of it. Much more like heirlooms to pass on generations.

So, focus inward. Get honest with yourself. And start setting yourself up to have something to handover your love ones or keep them with you always, after all, they are the things that matter to you MOST!

We do creatively design breast milk and keepsakejewelry to take a special memory into a tangible piece of jewelry and foreverremind you of your milestones as well as your love ones.

We use breastmilk,your baby’s cord stump, placenta, first curl, and first tooth. These are theones that could only come to your life ones and never again. Instead of youkeeping it anywhere ending up lost or nowhere to be found, better make it ajewelry that can last forever and handed down to your lovelies. Likewise, we cancreate precious jewelries from cremation ashes to be with you forever.

Due to the nature of these, your entire jewelry piece is handcrafted and preserved withlove. But like most artists out there, we do need a lot of time to custom madeyour own jewelry. The crafting process could range from 4 – 8 weeks dependingon the complexity of order and out flux of other requests. Do understand that weare also moms, wife and entrepreneur who juggle responsibilities but will treatevery piece of jewelry with utmost importance and love like it will be ours.

And what about photography??

Well,, besides jewelry... we love photographs too.

We specialize in Maternity, Newborns and Babies.

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