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Welcome to DNA Artist Supplies

Hello there!

I have a number of interests (mostly moms and crafters) personally message me about how I do my breastmilk and DNA jewelries. While it's easy to assume that competetion might be the default response during what might be the first global economic depression of our lifetime we got from COVID-19, I just thought that we can be stronger together in an effort to keep businesses and share profitability to those like-minded people in our community.

When people work together, we are able to accomplish more, so I think this has changed everybody and brought many of us closer together. For me, creating a srong community as small business owners is about providing resources to vulnerable businesses. 

So weather you were just thinking to start your own craft business or are you a stay at home mom starting, or have an established Keepsake business, and would like a reliable resource to you business. This will be a good place for you to start.

You may apply for wholesalers account by simply fill in the questionnaire on the link below and we will be in touch as soon as we have had a chance to review your applications. 

Breastmilk and DNA Artist Wholesalers Account Application Form

Our wholesalers membership requires a fee. You may choose Php200 for monthly subscription or Php1,200 lifetime subscription fee. When your request for subscription is approved and membership fee paid, you will receive moulds and settings at wholesale prices, have access to our exclusive wholesalers board and price lists, you will also have access to our jewelers services.

There are exclusive discounts for past and present students  for Fundamentals of Breastmilk Jewelry: Secrets Revealed and Your Recipe for Successs or if you have taken any of our mentoring program, you’ll find a discount code for the Supplier's List given.

Be blessed,



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