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Earn money for your referrals

Because our jewelry is personalized, it can fit into any niche you can imagine. Here is a partial list of some of our niche products:


  • Mother's Jewelry
  • Sisters Jewelry
  • Friends Jewelry
  • Christening / Baptism Jewelry
  • Memorial Jewelry - Men's, Women's, Children's
  • Pet Lover's Jewelry
  • Pet Memorial Jewelry


To name just a few!

Welcome to Affiliate Center

We are so happy you are here!  We love payouts to devoted affiliates as we help become better, inspire and work with passion.


Fill out your information below and start earning cash every time someone uses your unique link to make a purchase.


There is nothing quite like being able to cheer someone else on, instead of feeling like you have to always promote yourself.  This is why affiliate programs rock.  You get to cheer on who you love (and I'm thrilled Tender Foot Jewels included!), and we love to do the same! Links are tracked for 60 days, and affiliates are paid every 30 days (15th of the month). 


Affiliates earn 10% -15% commission on any other purchase (Jewelries/Workshops/Etc.) 
That's TAX FREE!!!

Let's get you signed up!

Sign up!

You are already signed up if you have an account in our website as a member. Not a Tender Foot Jewels member yet, but have an audience or friends that may be interested.  Sign up for free and become a member with life-time commissions.

Spread the Word

The more you share, the more you earn! We will send your unique referral URL or the banner that suits you. You can email it, Instagram it, Facebook it, Tweet it, Pin it, post it on your blogsite, and otherwise share it to your heart’s content.

Check Earnings

You earn 10% of the actual payment that buys through your unique referral link. Bonus for the succeeding sales. That’s an unlimited potential - no ceiling cap in your pocket. Cha-ching! We will download a report, system will send us an automatic email and forward to your registered email and let you download the report to tract the activity as an affiliate.

Get Paid

Payouts are distributed on your choice of payout system (BDO/BPI/Metro Bank/Paypal) by the 15th of every month for any account that holds more than Php1,000 in credit by the end of the month two months prior. (For example, if your balance reaches Php1,000 in January, you can expect payment by March 15.) If your referral credit totals less than Php1,000, your balance will roll over to the next month.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Tender Foot Jewels Affiliate Program?

Online affiliate marketing is a simple and cost-effective marketing model where you can post online offers on your own website or social media and earn commissions on sales from any clients who purchases from your own unique link that will be given to you after approval.

Are there any fees involved?

There are no fees or payments involved.  Just join the program and start earning your commissions.

How much revenue can I earn as a Tender Foot Jewels Affiliate?

Your commissions will be based 10% of the actual payment price as calculated after coupon codes or other discount offers. Commissions on payments refunded within 30 days of registration at customer request will be deducted from affiliate balance.

Commissions will accrue but cannot be paid unless and until you complete the payout method selection (including valid Paypal address or a valid bank account). Please be sure you keep this information up to date.

Do Product Returns affect my commissions?

In case a customer returns a product or if there is a dispute/fraud regarding credit card payment, your commissions for the particular sale will be debited.

Do you offer performance incentives?

Yes, Tender Foot Jewels offers performance based incentive bonuses. The minimum commissions you will receive is 10% for every customer transaction completly paid. In addition, if you generate Php100,000 or more in monthly sales, you will receive a 12% commissions rate, and at Php200,000 monthly sales, you will receive our highest commissions tier of 15%. 

Payments are net of any customer returns, all shipping and handling fees, and taxes and duties

The commissions from our affiliate programs are truly promising. There's a huge potential to earn here, but you need to be up for the challenge.

Can anyone join the Tender Foot Jewels Affiliate Program?

Not everyone will be eligible to become an affiliate. Before applying, please ensure you meet our requirements:

  • You must be 18 years old and above
  • You must love to interact with the public and advocates breastfeeding, love to family and creating meaningful memories. Need to be outgoing, friendly, warm, and inviting, and you must love talking with people of all ages and backgrounds.

Can I join if I'm participating in another affiliate program?

There are no restrictions when participating with our affiliate program except that we ask the loyalty to our brand. Once approved, you are not allowed to patronize any other competetion to Breastmilk and DNA Jewelries.

Can I participate from outside the Philippines?

The Tender Foot Jewels Affiliate program is a worldwide program open to all affiliates who meet our acceptance requirements.

What are Return Days?

Return Days are the number of days between the user's initial click date and application date from the affiliate site. Tender Foot Jewels pays commissions based on 60 return days.

To better understand the concept, imagine an example in which a user clicks on a Tender Foot Jewels banner ad or text link from your site on January 15. If that user visits a Pearson site and completes a purchase within 60 days you will be paid a commission.

When do I get paid?

Payouts are distributed on your choice of payout system by the 15th of every month for any account that holds more than Php1,000 in credit by the end of the month two months prior. (For example, if your balance reaches Php1,000 in January, you can expect payment by March 15.) If your referral credit totals less than Php1,000, your balance will roll over to the next month. 

What form of payment will I receive?

As an affiliate you have the option of receiving monthly payments by direct bank deposit (BDO/BPI/Metro Bank) a valid working Paypal account e-mail . Your preferred method of payment is selected at the time of the application. 

How can I track the success of my campaign?

Once you have signed up on the website and expressed your interest by filling up the Affiliate Form, you may send us a request for affiliate USAGE RECORD for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will download the record, system will send a letter to our admin box for the link and we will forward it to you as our affiliate and let you download the report to view it.

All reports are system generated by our webstore provider SHOPLINE. We do not have capabilities to edit USAGE RECORD.

Who should I contact if I have questions?

Please email us at or call us directly at 0063-995-763-6393 between 8AM-5PM (MANILA Time).